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Other namesThe Ritualist, Telonides, The Theologian.
AlignmentBone Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Morpheus
Opposite (Bone)The Light
Holy symbolA key

“Oh, I’d change that wording if I were you. If your specifiers are that wishy-washy you’ll have an aetheric discharge on your hands, and they do make such a mess. Remember, anything is possible. Especially explosions.”

Teletos’ advice to Bill the Wise on the slopes of Olympus.


As with all the deities of the Torch Teletos is a recently ascended god. In fact it was his study that made the pantheon possible. Unlike the other gods in the Torch pantheon however there is no record of a previous god of ritualists.


Teletos’ philosophy emphasises the power of rituals both geomantic and demonolgical to change the world. He teaches that the world is formed of energy shaped by the way in which it flows into the ley line network. Thus all true change should start at the source, that is the ley-nexi themselves. He also teaches his followers to reject the concept of impossibility, any goal no matter how grand is possible with the right rituals. Due to the danger of ritual magic Teletos urges his followers to take care when planning and performing rituals least they be exploded, drained or worse. Some followers look down on demonology as an ‘easy’ route to power but Teletos himself has never given any sign of disaproving of the practice.


No formal strands exist yet though the Scholars of the Ishmundis Academy in Hellenia from the basis of a distinct group of worshipers. Their main concern is the pursuit of knowledge of rituals and other magics, they have very close ties to the church of the Seeker. They consider Teletos to be the patron deity of the Academy since during his mortal life he was a scholar there. Another group who call themselves the Restorers seek to aid in the resurrection of other ‘dead’ gods particularly Morpheus (the goddess of prophecy and dreams), who was reascended in 1301; and Roma (the patron god of the dwarven city state) Another group, small as yet and unlikely to grow beleive in using ley power for it’s own sake, on the basis that doing rituals is holy, doesn’t matter what they are. This group refer to themselves as the Channelers though others in areas where they reside often have less complementory names for them.


Take great care in all you do; the smallest action has the greatest significance.

Anything is possible, some things aren’t probable.

Ley Nexi are the source of all power, that power is yours for the taking.


Primary domain: Warding

Secondary domains: DismissalDivinationNecromancyProtectionRestoration