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Second Level

Cure Disease (Restoration, Second Level)

Range:  6ft
Duration:  Instantaneous
Activation Phrase:  Aura Cure Disease
Effect: Immediately ends the effect of any Weakness or Cause Disease miracle affecting those within three feet of the caster.

Third Level

Purge (Restoration, Third Level)

Range:  Touch
Duration:  Instantaneous
Activation Phrase:  Purge
Effect: As Cure Disease. Purge also ends all venom and paralysis effects that are affecting the touched character. Up to three points of venom damage removed by Purge are also healed.

Fourth Level

Stabilisation (Restoration, Fourth Level)

Range:  Self
Duration:  Until Dawn / 24 hr (whichever comes first)
Activation Phrase:  Stabilisation
Effect: The priest gains 7 charges of STABILISE. To expend a charge, the priest touches a character and says the vocal STABILISE. All of the targeted character’s locations then become stabilised. A stabilised location remains disabled at its current hits but does not begin to bleed again until further damage is suffered. Any remaining charges are immediately lost at dawn, or 24 hours after the miracle was initially used, whichever is earlier.

Fifth Level

Group Purge (Restoration, Fifth Level)

Range:  30ft radius (group)
Duration:  Instantaneous
Activation Phrase:  Group Purge
Effect: All members of the priest’s battle group end any and all weakness, cause disease, venom, and paralysis effects that are affecting them, as if the priest had used the Purge miracle on them. Up to three points of venom damage removed by Group Purge are also healed.

Sixth Level

Regeneration (Restoration, Sixth Level)

Range:  Touch
Duration:  Instantaneous
Activation Phrase:  Regeneration
Effect: The touched character immediately regrows all locations that were lost, or otherwise on -3 hits. These locations are now functional again and are set to 0 hits, where they may be healed normally to the character’s maximum hits for that location. This miracle can remove the effects of the Atrophy Miracle.

Seventh Level

Death Ward (Restoration, Seventh Level)

Range:  Touch
Duration:  1 hour
Activation Phrase:  Death Ward
Effect: If the touched character dies within the duration of the effect, they are immediately resurrected, with each location restored to its maximum number of hits. If the touched character is resurrected in this way, they also take a life drain. This life drain has no effect until the end of the event, e.g. the character does not suffer the temporary hit loss or damage reduction. The duration ends immediately once the character is resurrected.

Eighth Level

Resurrection (Restoration, Eighth Level)

Range:  Touch
Duration:  Instantaneous
Activation Phrase:  Resurrection
Effect: This allows the priest to resurrect a dead creature. The priest must have at least one whole critical location of the dead creature for it to be a valid target. The creature resurrected must not have been dead for more than a week, and must still have an intact soul, e.g. it must not have been consumed by a demon or sent to Oblivion. The resurrected creature will be asleep, but restored to its maximum hits for each location, including locations it had previously lost. The resurrected creature will also take a life drain.

Care must be taken in casting this miracle as cheating death can have serious consequences. Casting Resurrection is extremely strenuous and will typically cause the priest to take a life drain. However, the first time a character casts this miracle, the caster does not take a life drain – they will only take a life drain each subsequent time they cast it.

Instead of taking the usual effects, the player may instead choose to have their character die. This is specifically an OC choice made by the player.