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The Light

The Light

AlignmentSeal Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Morpheus
Opposite (Bone)Teletos
Holy symbolSunburst

“Listen up, recruits! Today we shall be discussing werewolves. I’ve got to know a great deal more about these creatures over the last decade or so, since that first disconcerting encounter, and one thing I’ve seen time and again is that dismissing them as simple, unreasoning brutes is a fast route to the graveyard (or more likely their stomachs). So today we will be practicing close-quarters fighting. Take out your knives and form a line.”

– Kathrin Schemm, Lightbringer.


The church comes from the lands of Teutonia, with its followers sometimes known as the ‘Children of the Light’. It has a noble history replete with heroes who have saved countless lives through their opposition to those of evil hearts. The church is popular with the average man as it is a form of protection against the nameless horrors of the night.


Followers of The Light seek to hold back the ever-encroaching night and the terrors it brings through sheer determination and personal discipline. The strength that their willpower brings them gives them the strength to fight against evil mages and necromancers: the most refined form of mortal evil. Whilst that is their focus, the Children are also concerned with all supernatural evil. There is evil in men’s hearts, but it is secondary in power and importance to evil of a mystical nature.


The Hand of Light

The Hand of the Light are some of the most rigorous members of the order. They know that evil can hide itself with great skill and this unseen danger can frequently be more dangerous than a rampaging demon or a black-hearted sorcerer. They seek to find these concealed evils and preach vigilance against them.

White Cloaks

The White Cloaks know that they cannot be in all places, therefore they try to help people through telling tales of defeated supernatural foes. By educating the populace, they will be better prepared to fight against these dangers. Naturally, they also seek out and confront these dangers as well.


These are individuals purely dedicated to the destruction of supernatural enemies. They focus on being able to negate harmful magics/miracles whilst developing their martial skills.


Face your fear with open eyes; seek to understand and confront your fears.
Always be prepared for the unknown and unexpected.
Ensure others are aware of and know how to deal with supernatural dangers.
Oppose those who use magical or spiritual power for evil.


Primary domain: Harming

Secondary domains: DismissalDivinationHealingProtectionWarding