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The Society

Durham University Treasure Trap is (as far as we know) the world’s oldest continuously-running live roleplay (LARP/LRP) group. Split off from the original Treasure Trap in 1983, it has been running and developing its own system ever since.

DUTT is a ratified society of Durham Students’ Union, and as such is a student-run society.

DUTT’s President, Secretary and Treasurer are required to be students, but other positions are available to non-students. Major decisions are made by General Meetings at which any student member of the University of Durham, who is also a member of the Society, can vote.

You can read the Society’s Constitution and meeting guidelines.

How to Join

Membership is currently £0 for a year (only available to current DSU members) and £3 for non-DSU members.

Interactives (tavern nights) cost £1 and adventures cost £3 to attend if you’re playing your character – crewing events is free.

However, you’re entitled to attend your first interactive and adventure for free; so the best way to join is to turn up to an event, then if you like it, you can join at the end!

Who’s who?

The Exec – manage the society.

The Committee – Talk to them if you have any ideas for the society. Consists of the Exec, plus:

The Non-Committee Officers – help to ensure that everything is running smoothly, helping the Committee where possible.

The Refs – run the game. The team comprises:

  • Head Ref: Vicky B
  • Amy B
  • C M
  • Jonathon H
  • Edward D
  • Panda

The refs can be contacted using this e-mail: [email protected].

The 3YGB Refs – control, in discussion with the Interactive Refs, plot related to the Third Year Goodbye. The team comprises:

  • Head Ref: Rae S

Please send communications to the 3YGB refs’ account: [email protected].