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AlignmentSeal Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Bast
Opposite (Bone)Cyranis
Holy symbolTwo-headed axe

“Mark well these words, my sisters: The stories of our people are our life and our soul ? they are the essence of our identity. When our children ask us who we are, we tell them of the Great Mother, who came down from the mountains to lead us. When they are scared, we tell them the Saga of Hildr, who saved her entire tribe with only her axe and her cunning. When they grow up, and they go to the Elders to seek permission for war, they may recount the tale of Frigg, who saw the threat from the norsemen, even when her people could not. They define us, our sagas – for without our stories, without our songs, how are we to know who we are? That is why they are vital, and that is their knowledge must be protected.”

Sefa Aelundsdottir on the importance of cultural history


The Morvanian faith comes from the barbarous and harsh north. There where life is hard and society is unstable and under threat from all sides, originated a belief in the value of knowledge and society. Its easy to understand central tenets and near-universal acceptance led to its spreading across the known world.


The search for knowledge and wisdom can only be achieved within a stable and peaceful society. Knowledge brings with it advancement and advancement stability and prosperity. Alas, it is self-evident that society is prone to conflict; perversely it must be protected from these conflicts so that knowledge and wisdom can be fostered and furthered. To this end, Morvanians seek to achieve peace through war, though naturally, this takes more of a defensive form.

Within the church it is common but not required to take vows of abstinence and celibacy so as to preserve the purely spiritual nature of the Morvanian’s defence.


Shields of Morvana

These are skilled community defenders. They believe that, it is impossible to protect entire lands, therefore it is better to ensure a high level of stability in one area than to spread oneself too thin and thus be negligible. They start life searching for their community they are destined to protect. Once they find it they settle down to a life of defence and support.

The Learned

These are Morvanians who are actively involved in the search for knowledge and wisdom. They seek forgotten tomes, protect scholars and work towards the advancement of society through education. They are not necessarily scholars themselves but it is relatively common.

Guardians of the Weak

The best way to protect society from upheaval and thus to ensure peace and stability is to permanently remove those individuals who would cause the most damage. They tend to do this anonymously and with ruthless efficiency.


Do not abandon your charges.
Knowledge and wisdom must be retained for the good of all.
Place the welfare of your charges above yourself.


Primary domain: Protection

Secondary domains: DismissalDivinationHealingRestorationWarding