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Other namesErini, The Dove
AlignmentBone Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Bast
Opposite (Seal)Morvana
Holy symbolDaisy

My friends- I ask you to not underestimate the gift that has been given to you by Cyrainis. This world, this beautiful world is ours, so full of wonder and joy. Have you ever considered the miracle that is a flower? From a tiny, plain husk grows and blossoms a treasure for the senses, and food for the humble bees that make the honey that sweetens our food. Is that not beautiful? Is that not wonderful? Should we not take the greatest care of it? Remember, when you look upon garden, this gift from Cyranis Herself, that our own lives are gifts. Imagine how small we must be to the Gods, how easily They could take that from us.
Today’s lesson: Show mercy in your lives, and pray that the Gods do as well.

Extract from ‘The Peaceful Path’ by Sister Flora


As with all of the Torch pantheon, the Dove is a recently ascended goddess, until a year ago she was a Hellenic child of Cyranis named Erini, the Dove. Cyranis was a minor goddess of peaceful nature and animals as opposed to the harsh uncaring world espoused by the Elemental Lords. Cyranis was offered a place in the Mace pantheon but turned it down and was thus destroyed in the Sundering along with many other past deities. Since taking her divine parents place in the heavens, the Dove seems to have taken on a similar portfolio.

The centre of worship of Cyranis is the island of Krete of the shore of Hellenia. Under the rulership of her Avatar Bucephalus the previously vicious raiders have begun to forge a more peaceful community. It remains to be seen whether they will prosper or if the orcs will revert to past form.


The Dove is a goddess of nature, a wanderer who sees little value in civilisation. Community has value, but the building of great cities and the wars caused when city-states grow is generally a bad thing in her eyes.

She tells her followers that the lowliest of creatures are no less important than human beings, and that they should act accordingly. Do not cause harm when being careful could save harm, She also asks her followers to heal those who require it, but at the same time they must not deny that death happens. Easing suffering and curing illness are good, but everything and everyone dies eventually – living forever would cause more harm than good. She opposes the creation of undead for this reason.

The direct control of nature is beyond the power of divine miracles (since animals have no true souls and plants are the domain of the Elemental Lord Grome), instead Cyranis asks that her priests use the powers she grants to aid nature in indirect ways. Not being able to rely on miracles to dominate the minds of animals forces her followers to interact with the natural world on a more equal footing and thus promotes a deeper understanding of the natural world and their place in it.

Peace is an important factor in Cyranis’ teachings – man should not wage war, and should always try to find another way of solving disputes. A man killed in anger is still dead when the anger has abated and guilt sets in. It is the duty of good people to be the one who stands in front of the blades and reminds the people that war is destructive, and that through peaceful means a more positive outcome can be found. Often a peaceful solution takes years to occur; but that does not mean they cannot work towards teaching someone a lesson for their wrong-doing.

The Dove requires that her followers always follow the way of goodness – this means always acting in a kind and genuine manner. You must always have good intentions towards all – whether healing a sick bird or punishing a murderer, it must be done with the best of intentions, and for the most positive outcome. Her followers often find that the hardest thing they can do is punish an evil-doer, because they may not simply write them off as evil, they must always strive to help them see the error of their ways and help them to improve their life. Followers of Cyranis may often find themselves performing pointless displays of goodness towards those they know will not respond to it – pleading with the blood-thirsty to stop wars, trying to make an evil-doer change their ways – but they must always do so, because it is the action that is important, the reminder of goodness and peace, rather than the outcome.


The church of Cyranis is too loosely organised to have official strands but there are some common traditions carried over from the old church of Cyranis.

The Nightingales

The Nightingales tend to the needs and wounds of animals and are often thought of as being to nature what Johnites are to urban areas. They also oppose those communities that would take from nature without giving the proper respect and are generally somewhat suspicious of civilisation. They are often wanderers who travel from place to place following the call of nature.

The Eagles

The Eagles attempt to seek justice for the wrongs they see in the world. In accordance with their beliefs they are non-violent but can be surprisingly inventive in showing evil doers the error of their ways, often favoring long term plans and schemes. Eagles know that while a human life seems brief in the great scheme of things, each day is 24 hours long and can seem like a long time while you are living it, and a punishment that reminds you of your wrongs and teaches you to be better every day of your life is more effective than simply ending the life of the perpetrator, or harming them in some way.

The Doves

The Doves dedicate themselves to stopping war and other conflict. When they find themselves unable to do so they sometimes accompany armies so that they may tend to the soldiers (of both sides) and show by their actions that there is a better path.


Do not cause harm to any of Cyranis’ Children.

Attempt to bring peace to a violent world.

Always follow the way of goodness.


Primary domain: Restoration

Secondary domains: DebilitationDismissalHealingMind ControlProtection