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AlignmentSword Pantheon
Opposite (Seal)Morvana
Opposite (Bone)Cyranis
Holy symbolCat

I’m here to ask you a question: Are you a man, or a slave? A man looks to his own needs, he is aware of his desires and he takes what he wants. He is not bound by the law of another – his desires not shaped by anyone save himself, his actions not constrained. A slave acts on the will of another, he cannot fulfill his own needs until he has filled the belly of his master. He cannot develop, he cannot achieve happiness or success. Most importantly, he cannot choose his own way. A man knows what he wants, and he is empowered to get it – by whatever means he sees fit. A slave is bound by the needs of another, forever cursed to be dependent and controlled. A man takes, a slave begs. A man stands, a slave crawls.

Are you a man, or a slave?

Caspar of Alston, preaching to the people of Northumberland


The church of Bast originates from the harsh, baking sands of Aegyptus. Here in a land of suffering where life was hard, a message was preached about the value of the self. It grew and popularity and eventually became the modern faith.


The cat is the embodiment of man’s baser urges. They are selfish, lethargic and concerned purely with the satiation of their urges. These urges are thought to be divine in origin as all species share them. Therefore, as these are divine mandates, it makes no sense not to satisfy them. The ultimate creature in terms of pure selfish urges is clearly the cat. Therefore they are divine creatures to be emulated to the fullest.

The Bastites are concerned with three things alone; their church and faith, fulfilling their urges and above all, themselves. Within the church there is theological debate upon which are the most prized of urges; most argue that it is the most base desires, whilst others argue that all creature also feel the urge to share their life fully with other people. As it stands, the predominant thinking within the church is that the darker desires are the most important as they are the ones most repressed by society.



Hunters are the manifestation of the savage urge to hunt and kill. They do not believe in indiscriminate killing; it would conflict with other aims. With this strand, the kill is of secondary importance to the hunt. This sect is popular with others as it often hunts dangerous creatures.


Tempters coax the uneducated into giving in to their repressed urges. This is both a reaffirmation of their faith and gives them power over those they have corrupted. Ultimately, to the Bastite view, it is also helping the target to become a better person.


To the Kittens, the urge of fun is placed above all others. This means kittens will pursue their entertainment at any cost and by any means available. Thus they are frequently responsible for some quite nasty tricks.


Show no attachment except to yourself and Bast.
Ensure others place you above themselves.
Always further your own interests regardless of cost.


Primary domain: Mind Control

Secondary domains: DebilitationDismissalHarmingNecromancyWarding