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The Triplicity

The Triplicity

AlignmentSeal Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)The Crofter
Opposite (Bone)The Dominion of Vortex
Holy symbolTriskele

“Right, lads, listen up. Winter’s coming, and we’ve all got mouths to feed. Word is, there’s a store down in Arbroath that’s looking very …vulnerable right now. So, what we’re gonnae do is this: We’re going in at midnight, the six of us here, and the old cart. We’re going to take every sack of oats we can find, and get the hell out of there. I don’t care if they starve – I’m not seeing my bairns go hungry.”

Angus Wake on the finer points of feeding the clan


Three Celtic heroes found power through their union and ascended. The heroes were the very best of their tribe, all with different focuses, yet all believing in the simple principles of community strength. They have continued to dwell in one body/realm since and spread their message.


A family is a single identity formed from separate identities. This is mirrored in the aspect of Triplicity . the mother = Brighid/Brigit, the father = Oghma and the child = Lugh/Llew. But just as a family is a collective, so to is a tribe/clan/community; that is a larger made from a collection of smaller, that is a city of families so to speak. But a collective is at risk of fracturing through a variety of causes and to the Triplicitous this must not be, for ‘Alone we are weak, together we are strong’ is at the centre of their belief. This does not mean that an individual must remain within the locale in which they were born. Indeed, Triplicity encourages their followers to move around and select a new area to dwell within and adopt, for through the influx of new ideas the greater unity will grow and strengthen and it is this unity which must be protected.


Hearth of Brighid

Home is the centre of every family, and the hearth is the centre of the home. A dirty hearth is an unseemly sight and should be avoided at all costs. This strand seeks to keep the home (read community) in an orderly and clean fashion. Thus it is the call of the Hearth to seek any signs of discontent and resolve them. Whether this be by communication/mollification of those involved or a more direct and active removal or pacification of the despoilers of the family unity. The Hearth are generally the keepers of the temples of Triplicity and are often versed in the ‘homely’ arts of childbirth/care, cooking and sewing.

The Words of Oghma

History and Tradition are things to be cherished and upheld. The Words seek out the History of the place in which they currently reside and make sure that all who live there know of their ‘birthright’. They also uphold the traditions of their adopted community and speak against those who go against them, warning of the downfall of other communities who broke with what their forefathers set down before them. These warnings may be overt rabble rousing or a the more subtle telling of tales of the aforementioned downfalls; for this strand often excels at the oratory arts and many a township has been swayed by their Words.

The Red Spears of Lugh

All communities need defending. The Spears take great pleasure in seeking out threats to their adopted home and eliminating them. They often focus upon those threats external to their home if there are others of the less militaristic strands to take care of any internal threats. But should their not be other strands within the community, then the Spears judgment is rapid and bloody to those who threaten the security of the family. The Spears live for vanquishing the threats and often spike or braid their hair using a mixture of chalk, lime and blood from their slain foes or fallen comrades.


Actively seek out any and all threats to your adopted community.
Seek ways to strengthen the community, and prevent against fracturing/separation
Demonstrate what members of the community may achieve by striving to become a paragon of the community’s ideals/morals/mores/values


Primary domain: Warding

Secondary domains: HarmingHealingRestorationDivinationMind Control