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The Crofter

The Crofter

AlignmentSword Pantheon
Opposite (Seal)The Triplicity
Opposite (Bone)The Dominion of Vortex
Holy symbolLeaf

“Free? You are not free whose liberty is won by the toil of other, more righteous souls. You are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the hard-working man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and honest blood.”

Sister Claire’s admonition to the merchants of Grantabrugge


Followers of the faith do not worship a god as such; rather they subscribe to a set of beliefs and morals. These originated from a poor croft farmer, who had a revelation and became a priest. His name has been lost to history, and he is now known simply as the Crofter. While the faith lacks a god-figure, they believe that the souls of the deserving reside forever in an afterlife determined by the life they led, and it is the best of these souls who lend their power to the priests to perform miracles.


The Church of Crofter consists of two distinct mindsets: those of the clergy, and those of the holy warriors who protect them.

The church follows classic rural beliefs: that bad fortune in this life will be repaid over with good fortune in the next, and vice versa. If the crops fail, well, it’s hard this year, but at least we’ll be rewarded for our suffering in the next life. And you may not like that merchant in town who has far too much money and swindles you, but just think what a terrible eternity he’s going to receive.

Followers of the faith tend to believe in ‘making their own luck’, and strive to maintain an honest existence, working hard for their keep and not complaining overly when things are hard.

The priesthood of the Crofter are an austere order, more akin to a monastic order than a clergy. The ordained wear rough habits of sackcloth and rope, or sometimes rough travelling clothes with broad-brimmed hats. They lead lives of little luxury, bringing them closer to the Crofter, setting an example of purity to their parishioners and assuring them of an afterlife worth living. Chapels tend to be small buildings of stone, built by the labour of the local flock. They contain little decoration and few comforts, but the services are more cheerful than many outsiders assume, with an emphasis on hearty unaccompanied singing.

The holy warriors exist in parallel with the priesthood, as a militant monastic order. Rather better organised, they have a hierarchy under a Preceptor, and exist to defend the faith and the faithful. The junior members of the order are little more than church soldiers. As they rise in rank they may become Sergeants, commanding their fellows, or become Errants and wander alone.

When dealing with enemies of the faith, the holy warriors deal the swiftest, kindest death possible, and never mistreat prisoners. Thus they ensure that enemies of the faith do not enjoy an afterlife better than they deserve.


The Reeves

These are priests who believe that the best way to help people is by overseeing their actions. They make themselves responsible for ensuring that all work is done and that everyone works hard.

The Perfectionists

If a task has worth, then a task completed perfectly surely has more? This simple philosophy is key to the Perfectionists. They will aim to make everything they do perfect; and to encourage higher standards in others.

The Yeomen

The Yeomen realise that not everyone accepts the simple philosophies of Crofter. Therefore there is always more work to do. They aim to ensure the best afterlife they can by constantly working. Many are quite martyr-like and will happily take on more work.


Do all in your power to protect the honour and reputation of the faith.
Protect the weak and the oppressed; do not aid those who have no need of it.
Own no more than you can carry.


Primary domain: Protection

Secondary domains: DebilitationDismissalHealingRestorationWarding