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The Dominion of Vortex

The Dominion of Vortex

Other namesDominia, Vortex, The Manipulator, The Dark Lord, Rousia
AlignmentBone Pantheon
Opposite (Seal)The Triplicity
Opposite (Sword)The Crofter
Holy symbolChaos star

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this situation is bearcoming out of hand. You keep on sticking your claws into my private business, and fur the sake of my own position, you have to go. Would it could be any other way. What’s that? Such bearbaric language! I warn you, you’re not in a pawsition to make threats to me. What’s going to happen to you? Well, let me tell you, it’ll be truly unbearable.

Lord Sir Thomas Ffoorther-Heffbert-Hefffbert, speaking to a political rival moments before the trapdoor to Sir Thomas’s bear-pit opened.


Once, Dominia was an ascended mortal, a child of the dead god Dark Dominius. When the Torch Pantheon briefly fell in 1300, Dominia seized the opportunity to reascend by combining with the demon Vortex, and the two appear to have melded into one. Some Dominionites are unhappy about the new state of affairs, but Dominia and Vortex appear both content and amused by the situation. The church of the Dominion of Vortex usually works in secret, as the faith is illegal in many nations.


The original Dominia taught her followers to do whatever is necessary to gain power. Manipulate, lie, cheat and gather as much information about those around you as you possibly can whilst using it and them for your own purposes, without revealing more than absolutely necessary about yourself. The Dominion of Vortex still embraces the gaining of power, but also dictates that it must be done in an amusing manner. Followers of the Dominion of Vortex have interpreted this in various different ways, with differing levels of malevolence and amusement. Sometimes they are little more than harmless tricksters, where in other cases their ‘amusing games’ make playthings and pawns of entire cities.



The Lords seek to gain political power over groups or nations so that they may make the world their plaything. Some rule openly where others work from behind the scenes as noble advisors, viziers, or court musicians. Even those who work in the open however always have something waiting to surprise their adversaries. Many have peculiar habits, or seek to present themselves as less intelligent than they are, causing amusement through their public antics while continuing to relentlessly pursue power in secret.


The Slighted seek to gain revenge for some past slight, often linked to an individual or group that failed to recognise their greatness, or shunned them for their beliefs. In any case the only solution is to seek out the power that will allow them to advance their beliefs, whilst proving their worth to all the people who previously doubted them. Some Slighted enjoy publicly showing up those who they feel have wronged them, preferably in as amusing a way as possible.


The Ascendant seek to emulate the achievements of Dominia and Vortex and ascend to godhood or other ‘higher’ states of being. They often gather cults of worshippers around them believing that the trapping of godhood may give them insight into how divinity can be achieved. These cults often feature outlandish entry requirements or semi-comedic rites, to spread the amusement of the situation further.


The Unbound joined the worship of Dominia after her Vortex-aided reascension. They seek to emulate demonic behaviour, gaining power by making deals and binding others into agreements with them, and are often demonologists as well as priests. The Unbound see themselves as unbound by law and popular opinion, and seek to amuse themselves by discarding conventional morality and taste and seeking to promote their own amusement above all else.


The Dominion of Vortex is Power. Never give up the chance to gain or wield power unless by waiting you can gain more.

The Dominion of Vortex is User of All things. Never destroy that which you can use to further your own ends.

The Dominion of Vortex is Bored. Do that which will bring the most amusement.


Primary domain: Mind Control

Secondary domains: HarmingNecromancyDivinationDebilitationWarding