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The Seeker

The Seeker

Other namesBiblios, The Scribe
AlignmentBone Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Azrael
Opposite (Seal)Humact
Holy symbolBook (most often depicted open)

Fragment of blood-stained parchment found amongst the ruins of the Pig and Whistle:

Thursday, 12th March 1293

After these three weeks’ toil, I’ve finally deciphered the script on the outer case…..fascinating. It seems that this really is the remains of the Keeper’s Scriptorium. We can now proceed with phase two. Note to self – hire more labourers.

Tuesday, 17th March 1293

The extra labourers have sped the dig up no end! We now have the outer case removed, and I’m looking at the inscription on the inner seal. Back to the runes…

Friday, 20th March, 1293

Seeker be praised! Not only is this the place, I know how to safely breach the inner seal! The warnings are dire, but I know the Keepers – mere hocus-pocus to scare off ignorant knowlessmen. They’ll not fool me so easily. We begin the last work after lunch… on the verge of my greatest discovery yet! Think of what knowledge is buried within!


The Seeker was a god of knowledge. His devotees were renowned throughout the civilised world for their knowledge and insight on numerous subjects. Seeker priests were often sought to consult on complex projects, particularly those involving history or advanced magical and spiritual theory.

After the Sundering a faction in the Seeker church, bitter about the Seeker’s exclusion from the pantheons, turned inwards and began to use their knowledge for personal gain. While small in number these renegade “Keepers” have tarnished the reputation of the faith.

The new Seeker has been very keen to spread the knowledge that he is not the same deity as in the past though he has taken on the same mantle. Instead he is a recently ascended mortal, Biblios the Scribe. He however still answers prayers and grants spirits to priests of the previous deity and has pledged to try to live up to his memory.


Like those who follow Azrael and Humact, worshippers of the Seeker know there is a question after death, however while others believe that the question will somehow measure the moral worthiness of the recently deceased, Seekerites believe it will be purely factual. Thus they attempt to gather as much knowledge as possible so that they will have a better chance of being able to correctly answer the final question and pass on to the Seeker’s heavenly library.

To a Seekerite there is no greater crime than to destroy knowledge and they consider those who do to be irredeemably evil. To lie or deceive is almost as bad since someone who believes a lie may give an incorrect answer when the time comes, worse they may pass on this false knowledge to others.

If a Seekerite believes that someone would benefit from knowledge they have it is their spiritual duty to share that knowledge, although they may ask some service or knowledge in exchange.

The Seeker’s holy symbol is a book, though in the past a candle has been used. He is often depicted as an old scholarly man holding a candle aloft to illuminate the darkness. He is sometimes shown in the company of an elephant.


In the past the church of the Seeker has been well organised so that priests can exchange knowledge with each other in a systematic way.

The Scribes

The Scribes dedicate themselves to the production of books and scrolls that knowledge may be preserved for future generations. Some go as far as to create stashes of knowledge preserved in out of the way places so that the knowledge will survive, even in the face of some great cataclysm.

The Teachers

The Teachers dedicate themselves to spreading knowledge. Some maintain public libraries while others travel from village to village educating the people. While some teach the rich and privileged most of their effort is directed at those to poor to educate themselves. Universal Literacy is the ultimate goal of this sect but in most places it seems distant.

The Raiders

The Raiders are the martial wing of the church dedicated to protecting the more academic members of the faith. They also search for lost relics and tomes in uncivilised and dangerous parts of the world, as well as hunting for caches left behind by previous scribes.


Seek knowledge.
Preserve knowledge.
Share knowledge.
All spirits should face the Question in the end; seek to ensure that they do.


Primary domain: Divination

Secondary domains: DismissalHealingProtectionRestorationWarding