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AlignmentSeal Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Azrael
Opposite (Bone)The Seeker
Holy symbolSword

Dawn: Rise, dawn ritual, break-fast.

Morning: Fitness drills and combat training.

Noon: Midday prayers, lunch.

Afternoon: Work either in the monastery or in the local area, helping the poor and needy. Reaping, sowing, ploughing, making wine, ale or honey, providing medical aid to the sick.

Evening: Evensong, followed by supper. Lessons on theology, medicine, tactics &c. Personal contemplation and prayer. Social activities.

Dusk: Bed, or night-time combat drills.

Excerpt from “Daily Routines of a Paladin of Humact” by Fr. Benedict of Stonegate.


The church of Humact has always been a popular one; its tenets of honour and its acknowledgement of death whilst protecting life ensured its existence across the world. The church is thought to have come about after the mortal Humakt fought as a mere knight against the forces of undeath. After his martyrdom, cults began to spring up which followed his teachings; these in time became the modern church. Now, however, it is once again in decline, even as its rival grows stronger.


Death is the ultimate truth. At death, the soul is asked a Question by Humact. If the question is answered correctly, then the soul is ready to know the final Truth. If the soul cannot answer this unique question then it is reincarnated. If a soul consistently fails, then it is wiped clean and is allowed to rejoin the cycle again. Naturally, theologians argue about the numbers of chances that a soul is given.

However, there is also truth in life and these truths can help the soul to answer the Question. Therefore life requires honour and protection. Humacti point to Humact’s ascension as proof that there is Truth to be found in life and thus they also keep to his strict and exacting code of honour.

Undeath is a curse as it binds the soul to a useless shell and thus prevents the soul from joining the cycle of reincarnation. Therefore they must be destroyed and those who make them.



The Sentinels know that not all can protect themselves. Therefore they dedicate themselves to defending the weak and helpless; and thus ensuring that they have a long and fulfilled life in preparation for their demise and their Question.

Wrath of Humact

The Wrath of Humact is a particularly focused collection of church members who despise undead; even more than other priests of the faith. Their time is completely absorbed by hunting undead and their foul masters.

The Striven

The task of ensuring that all people spend their lives productively and actually achieving things absorbs the Striven; all mortals have only a limited time in which to prepare and only limited lives. Therefore all time must be used wisely and not frittered away. They fight apathy, sloth and excessive indulgence.


Act honourably at all times.
Neither lie nor abandon your comrades.
Undead must be released and all dead must be laid to rest to prevent servitude.


Primary domain: Dismissal

Secondary domains: HarmingHealingProtectionRestorationWarding