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Other namesKataskia
AlignmentBone Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Sordan
Opposite (Seal)Ishmund
Holy symbolA single-headed axe (often depicted dripping green ichor)

Brothers! Once more we stand upon the edge of the abyss. We have seen the face of the Daemon, and we know that it is steeling itself against us. In the village ahead, its corruption has consumed the lives of the innocent. Our scouts have reported the presence of four score abominations, and it is to meet them we go. The battle will be hard, but we shall prevail! The daemon is cunning, but we shall root it out! We shall not fear, for our faith is strong! We shall not falter, for our minds are disciplined, and our bodies girded with fine armour! Raise your axe, my brothers, and upon this charge scour the daemon from the land with faith and steel!

Grand Master Orias’ address to the Order of the Iron Crown before the battle of Paxford


The Church of Gedhrent was created hundreds of years ago in Teutonia during a spate of demon attacks and possessions. Gedhrent was a great hero who gave his life to seal the portal that was allowing these entities entry into the world. However, while well loved and widely worshipped, Gedhrent was unable to find a place in the Mace or Sword pantheons and was killed during the Sundering. As with all the gods of the Torch, the current Gedhrent is a recently ascended mortal, Kataskia the Disciplined.


Gedhrenti believe that demons are the greatest evil in the world. They steal souls from both the gods and the cycle of reincarnation. If not stopped, this would eventually lead to the dissolution of the world’s fundamental structure. On a less metaphysical level, demons and the people who worship them cause great evil and suffering to the common people who they prey upon. Obviously Gedhrenti have no tolerance for Demonologists, taking great pleasure in killing them and destroying the tools of their dark trade.

Not all demons are simple killing machines: the most dangerous are skilled manipulators who twist the desires and passions of those they prey upon. Hence the need for discipline in all aspects of life. A person who is in control of themselves and knows there own mind will be better able to detect and fight off insidious mind control; to this end The Disciplined encourages her worshippers to meditate often.


The church of Gedhrent is too new and loosely organised to have official strands. In the past, most of Gedhrent’s worshippers have been Hunters who dedicated themselves to tracking down and slaying demons. In some places where the church was more organised, Inquisitors preached the evils of demon worship and rooted out cults and Demonologists. In the past, followers of Gedhrent were known for their fanatic devotion to the hunt. However, the Disciplined takes a broader view of the fight against the demons. The Pragmatists believe that any tool should be used in the fight against the demonic threat and that any means are justified in the face of a threat to the very structure of the world. They travel the world collecting magical and spiritual items that can be used to further their goals. A minority believe that even demonic items may be used, attracting accusations of demonology from more mainline followers.


Self control must never be lost.

Seek to destroy demons.

Life is sacred, do not throw it away without good reason.


Primary domain: Dismissal

Secondary domains: HarmingHealingProtectionRestorationWarding