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Book of Faiths


AlignmentSeal Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)Sordan
Opposite (Bone)Gedhrent
Holy symbolCrossed circle
Other symbolsWhite rose

Know this: I am a Paladin of Ishmund. I am strength to the weak, a bulwark to the fearful; I am aid to the oppressed and a finder of lost children. I am all things to all men who need me. But do not think that this makes me soft – do not think that I will for a moment hesitate to rain down furious vengeance upon the criminal, the corrupt and the traitorous. That is my duty, it is my privilege and every day I thank Ishmund for the life He has given me. So choose – execution in front of your people or death now, by my sword.

Mercy? Yes, they explained that to me once.

Lucius the Castigator’s final words to Gregory, 4th Earl of Ampleforth


The Ismundi faith originates from a group of vigilantes in the long forgotten past. Everywhere they looked, they saw injustice, not merely amongst the powerless, but also from those who put in place to prevent such abuses. Therefore they dedicated themselves to righting wrongs and ensuring that others did the same. In time they ascended and it is possible to clearly see the individuals differing interpretations within the modern church.


Life is inherently unjust. Mortal creatures are inherently unjust. All people, regardless of station, are affected by this (to varying degrees). The desire to rectify a wrong is an inborn instinct; the last remnants of the soul’s need for divine justice and rule. When an injustice is committed, it unbalances the mortal and the divine within the soul. True enlightenment and peace can only come about when the divine and the mortal are in harmony with each other, therefore, justice brings not only peace to the mind but also allows for enlightenment.



The Withdrawn don’t believe in righting wrongs themselves. There is more benefit if the wronged can do this for themselves. Therefore they find wronged people and offer assistance to them. The assistance is most often contacts, methods of gathering resources and allies etc.

Sword Brethren

The Brethren actively seek out people who’ve been wronged and avenge them in the most suitable manner. They are strong devotees of violence.


The Tutors believe that the wrong must be righted by the hurt individual. To this end, they teach the victim the skills that they need to achieve justice. This frequently takes a long time and a Tutor may have several pupils at once.


Do not allow yourself to be hindered.
Be Divine Justice.
Make sure the bad guys lose.


Primary domain: Mind Control

Secondary domains: DismissalDivinationHarmingHealingProtection