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Astrology Skills

Astrology Skills

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Astrology (7 XP) [Root Skill]
Required for: Astral Preparation
This skill may be bought in ascending levels [to level VIII].

A student of astrology will often wonder why they follow a life of adventure. The esoteric knowledge and time spent to gain it does not lend itself to a vigorous lifestyle.

Astrologers can always find north and tell the time by the position of the sun or the stars.

As a minor action, a novice astrologer (Astrology I-IV) may scan the heavens for portents of great events, may scan the heavens for portents of great events, or carry out another manner of divination approved by the refs, but has no way to choose which events they will learn of. This information is broadly equivalent to the character having a knowledge skill at their Astrology level (up to IV) regarding an important event.

A master astrologer (Astrology V-VIII), however, knows where to look in the heavens to find specific events. They may instead choose to receive a vision, roughly equivalent to a Knowledge of 4 levels lower than their astrology skill, about an event of their choice.

This action can only be done once per downtime.

Astral Preparation (3 XP)
Requires: Astrology of equal level
This skill may be bought in ascending levels [to level VIII]

By examining the stars, or carrying out another manner of divination approved by the refs, to reveal threats in the near future, the astrologer is able to spend a major action on preparations to protect their life.

The astrologer gains access to the options below, but only up to their Astral Preparation Level. They may pick which preparation to make as their major action.

The specifics (target, spell, when the effect begins, etc) are chosen when the Astrologer decides OC in uptime to begin the effect, as if the stars had prepared them for that moment.

Novice astrologers’ preparations are available from the downtime deadline, and expire after a week. Master astrologers must use their preparations within the month, and can stack multiple preparations.

Astrology 1: Scutum’s Parry – Gain one point of DAC for one unbroken hour, begun at the moment the Astrologer decides OC to activate the effect.
Astrology 2: Sextans’ Measurement – May call Discern Intent once. The target of Discern Intent (range 30′) should answer with “Help”, “Harm”, or “Neutral” in line with their intentions towards the Astrologer.
Astrology 3: Sighting of Capricorn – May use any divination spell or miracle of up to fourth level once.
Astrology 4: Sagittarius Attack – May call through damage against one specified target.
Astrology 5: Scutum’s Protection – Gain one point of DAC for one specified day.
Astrology 6: Octans’ Measurement – May use Discern Intent at will for one specified day. This functions as for Sextans’ Measurements.
Astrology 7: Gaze of Reticulum – May use any divination spell or miracle once.
Astrology 8: Andromeda’s Truth – May hear whispers from beyond the stars. See a ref for details.

Note that only one major and one minor astrology action may be taken each downtime.

Note that the divination spells or miracles replicated by this skill are cast at “Level Sufficient”.

Divination spells and miracles are:

Spells up to 4th level:

  • Detect Magic
  • Detect Heat
  • Detect Inanimate
  • Talk to Animals
  • Discern Nature of Creature
  • Talk to Inanimate
  • Farsight
  • Discern Immunities

Spells above 4th level:

  • Talk to Sentient
  • Scrying
  • Elbereth’s Sweet Whispers
  • With One Voice
  • Comprehension

Other new spells may also be divinations. Ask a ref.

Divination Miracles include all those in the Divination domain, up to the allowed level.

All miracles and spells granted by Astral Preparation must be cast by calling upon the power of the stars, or an alternative approved by the refs, with a 5 word minimum vocal.

Priests with Astral Preparation who also have the Battle Group skill may cast Battle Group miracles granted by Astral Preparation on their battle group

This is an innate skill.