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AlignmentSword Pantheon
Opposite (Sword)St John
Opposite (Bone)The Rat Lord
Holy symbolChain
Other symbolsRed rose, gauntlet

The weak who won’t accept their place have no right to exist;
‘Tis the duty of the strong that His Order should persist;
As his soldiers crush the infidels we are His Holy Fist;
His army marches on!
Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan! Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan!
Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan! His army marches on!

Now the air is thick with battle-cries of faithful Mallanites:
It is to keep His order safe that we test our strength this night –
As we forge His Holy Order, let us kill for what is right;
His strength is marching on!
Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan! Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan!
Glory, Glory, To Lord Mallan! His strength is marching on!

Excerpt from the “Battle Hymn of the Mallanite”


The church of Mallan taps into one of the most basic desires: power. The church has had a long and noble history with many powerful rulers being adherents to its tenets.


Society is best served by those of the greatest ability and strength. Adherents of the faith should be constantly striving to challenge those in power, as well as accumulating their own power. They believe in social evolution, that the strongest should take what is rightfully theirs as they have a divine right to positions of responsibility. Naturally, this actually helps all of society as it allows for better, more skilful leadership. This is not necessarily the aim of all Mallanite adherents but is a surprisingly popular motif.



The Shepherds work to ensure that power is held by those with ability and to remove the corrupt and destructive for the greater strength of society. They do not necessarily believe that they are destined to hold power themselves, they merely ensure that those who are unworthy do not reach a position of power.


The strand is composed of ex-Vivamortians who have recognised that vampires derive their power from their state and not necessarily their ability. Therefore, they are avid vampire hunters, seeing them as blocks for the truly talented. Naturally, these points are quite difficult to convey to the layman and thus they are still hated by people. The Pariahs of Magyar are the most successful vampire hunters in the known world.


The Stockmen take social evolution to its natural logical conclusion: eugenics. The Stockmen cull the weak and push to impose their view of the ideal society upon people.


The strand adherents believe that they are the most talented and able of individuals, thus they seek to take power for themselves. To them, any means are acceptable as long as they achieve results.


Ensure power goes to those most worthy of it.
Ensure a stable structure for society; dangerous and rogue elements threaten the whole structure.
Challenge, but respect your superiors.


Primary domain: Protection

Secondary domains: DismissalDivinationHealingMind ControlWarding