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Bookings open for 2022 Banquet!

We are delighted to announce that BOOKINGS ARE OPEN for the 2022 (39th Anniversary) Durham University Treasure Trap Banquet!

This is taking place on the weekend of the 12th March 2022.  At the heart of it, a banquet of delicious and authentic medieval food, cooked by our amazing historical chefs Serve It Forth; preceded by dancing, to music from the Scrumpy Badgers, with Playford dances called by Josie Adam and ceilidh dances called by the band’s own callers. Medieval musicians Wulffengrimm will be playing throughout the event.

Around this central event, a weekend of optional events: on Friday night, we’ll be playing board games and ordering in food. On Saturday daytime, there’s a LARP adventure to get you in the mood for food.

All are welcome to this event; please do invite your friends, whether or not they are roleplayers or have anything to do with Durham!

This is a fundraising event for Durham University Treasure Trap.

Further details and booking can be found on the Durham Students’ Union website: