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Greetings, all!

With apologies for the short notice – the Head Ref forgot to announce this in the last email.

Characters may, as always, leave the Greedy Goblin at interactives and travel around the city. However, to physrep the time take to walk around Durholme in a non-boring manner and to bolster the monster crew, people leaving the bar will be asked to monster a single bar encounter, either before their encounter is run or before they re-enter the bar. If you are just stepping outside the Goblin to stare at the moons, this is of course not an issue.

So, for new members: characters can leave the interactive at any time to do other things anywhere in the city. However, if they do so, we will ask their player to briefly play an NPC while their character is walking across the map. If you are not sure about how to play an NPC when called on, please do tell a ref and we will do our best to help make you feel more comfortable, or if need be you will be able to sit aside until the rest of your party rejoin you.

Hope to see you all tonight at the Interactive!