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Game Rules Changes:

At the AGM, towards the end of last term, the following changes to the Game were made. If they effect your character then you will be allowed to re-statregain XP or go into XP debt – with the approval of the Ref Team. You should submit the new character sheet by the DownTime Deadline (Tuesday 17th, midnight), but sooner would be appreciated, by e-mail to [email protected] .


The skills ‘Literacy’ and ‘Numeracy’ have been removed from system, and removed as pre-requisites for skills such as Evaluate and Astrology. Characters are now deemed to be both literate and numerate at starting unless they take the skills ‘Illiteracy’ and ‘Innumeracy’ (costing -2XP each). If your character is deliberately iliterate or innumerate presently then you need to take these two skills, as detailed at If you had previously taken ‘Literacy’ and/or ‘Numeracy’ then you regain the 2XP for each skill to spend, as you wish, in future.

The skills ‘Smithing’ and ‘Crafting’ have been removed from system and replaced with the ‘Artisan’ and ‘Craft’ tree; found at You should, where relevant, try to modify your character sheet such that you can still make all items you previously have done [NB: armour production and weaponry production are now seperate skills], and may have to go in to XP debt to accomplish this. The Artisan skill cannot be bought above level. XP debt is where you have the skills immediately, but have to pay them off through XP gain at events before learning any other skills.

The dwarf package has been changed such that its XP cost is now 10XP, and so you regain the difference in XP from the old cost. The new package can be found at

The Lay to Rest XP cost has been reduced to 1XP from 2XP. If you have this skill you regain the difference of 1 XP to spend as you wish.

There have been some wording changes to the Melee skill (, Streetfighter skill ( and Sword of Power skill ( of Power) – although no functionality differences have occurred.

References to ‘facility levels’ have been removed from the rules.

The various armour skills have been clarified such that total armour is now that the “Total armour is calculated by adding together the armour values of each location.”

The demonology system is to be made public, watch this space, it will be placed on the Society website as soon as the Web Officers’ have received the information.

If you have any questions please ask the refs, [email protected].

If you spot somewhere where a change has been missed let the Web Officers know, [email protected].

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