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Ref Rulings

Ref Rulings

Current Ref Rulings

Primary and Secondary Characters

This text appears to have escaped the website at some point, either due to an edit messing up or the site move. It will be resubmitted at the next GM; in the meantime, here is a ref ruling that it still exists:

Your primary character should always be the character you are playing and enjoying the most. Downtimes can only be submitted for your primary character. Downtimes (unlike “weeks”) are earnt by your OC interactive attendance. If you are regularly attending interactives not as your primary character, the character you are attending as should become your primary character. If a player repeatedly refuses to change their primary character in such circumstances when prompted to do so by the refs, the ref team may rule that the secondary they have been playing is now their primary character and accept or reject future downtimes accordingly.

Other than in cases of death or retirement, you should not switch your primary character more than once a term.

May 2024

Former Ref Rulings

Research Over Level

When Mages and Alchemists attempt to research new spells or potions, they will be capable of carrying out research of up to one level higher than their current level of the skill they would need to learn it. Thus, a mage with Fire Lore 4 can research a Fire 5 spell, but not a Fire 6 spell, or an alchemist with Potion Lore 3 can research a new 4th circle potion, but not a 5th circle potion.

(Hextechnicians already have rules governing at what level they can conduct what research, and so don’t need a ruling.)

October 2023 – Now passed. See the Magic and Alchemy rules.

Direct Damage and Global Hits

When a global hits creature is hit with direct damage (called as “one”, “two”, etc.), it takes double the number called, after the damage is blocked by DAC, armour, etc. as normal. For example, if a 10 global monster wearing 1 point of chest armour and possessing 1 point of DAC is hit by a “Fireball, Flaming Three”, 1 point of damage is stopped by the DAC, 1 is stopped by the armour, and the remaining “One” is taken as two points of damage to the monster’s global hits.

Global hits monsters probably won’t be wearing armour in the first place, but for the sake of completeness!

October 2023 – Now passed. See the Combat System.

Empowered Items and Expiry Dates

When an item that has been empowered with a non-standard effect reaches its expiry date, the item continues to exist, but is reduced to Crafted quality if it was previously Mastercrafted or Flawless, and loses all special abilities other than any innate to its construction. For example, a Flawless Silver sword that also deals +2 degrees of damage to demons would, on expiry, still be made of Silver and thus do Silver damage, but would have no other effect, and would be merely a Crafted Silver sword.

The ref team may rule differently on specific items at their discretion.

October 2023 – Now passed modified. See Money & Equipment.