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The Treaty of Durholm and Northumbria

The Treaty of Durholm and Northumbria

Signed on this, the 2nd month of the year 1306

The following treaty between the nations of Durholme and Northumbria cements the long-lasting friendship between the two nations.

The formal support the two nations promises to each other includes:

  • Trading of Goods
  • Transfer of wanted criminals
  • Military aid when either nation is subjected to attack from outside forces

In addition to the above promise, the two nations agrees on:

  • Free trade between the two Nations
  • Both Nations will be allowed to set up Embassy in each other’s Capital
  • Both Nations will have an ambassador to the other nation to act as point of contact for easier communication
  • Any citizen of either nation, who is not under suspicion of breaking the laws of either nation, will be allowed without let or hindrance throughout the nations


Cyneward, Captain General of Durholme

King Owsiu of Northumbria