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The Circle of Balance

Circle of Balance

AlignmentSeal, Sword, Bone
Holy symbolCircle

“The Balance suffuses all things, feels all, is all. Where there is existence, we must bring Balance, the great cycle of the world must continue, lest there be no world at all. The land lives, the earth breathes, and it changes every second with the breath of every living thing. In stillness, there is balance – but balance also in the great tapestry of existence, its threads winding inexorably towards the future. We are like the weaver at her loom, you and I. We guide the threads, work the warp and stabilise the weft. So it has been, so it will be. And remember this, if you remember nothing else: A forest burns so that new life can grow from the ashes of the old. Only in dying, life. Only in darkness, light. And in all things, Balance.”

From the gospel of Saint Hilda


The church of the Balance is not like others. It is found within all three pantheons. Its adherents are many and varied; as are their philosophies. The church is not an organised body, but is instead a collection of minor deities and adherents of philosophies and disciplines that tap into a more primeval source of spiritual power.

The largest sect is, unmysteriously, one dedicated to ensuring that there is balance in all things; without one side, there cannot be the other. Thus they are often hard to predict in terms of actions but are frequently a source of stability and familiarity.

Other popular strands include a variety of nature-focused individuals who respect the land and the life it brings.


All Balancite priests will follow the stricture “Strive to maintain balance in all things”, but other strictures vary between priests.


Like priests of other gods, priests of the Balance have access to one primary domain and five secondary domains. These domains are determined by the refs when you take the Devotion skill.