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Moroccan Ambassadorial Documents

Moroccan Ambassadorial Documents

Signed on this date the 18th of October 1303

In the name of the Great Sultan Idris ibn Salih, greatest of the noble bloodline, the Powerful One, master of geomancy, ruler and warlord of the glorious kingdom and sultanate of Morocco,

It is decreed that a single Ambassador, acting as an emissary between the great Sultan and the ruler of Durholme, shall be accepted by both nations and dwell within the borders of the realm of Durholme, subject to their recall by the Sultan.

This Ambassador is named as Lord Alandi Osman

Both nations declare their intent to ensure that this proves to be a step towards a mutual understanding and an avoidance of hasty and rash actions affecting either nation.

The elected Ambassador:

Shall present themselves to the King, Patrician, Archduke, Lord Protector or other Head of State that currently exists within Durholme. In the case of multiple disputing claimants, the Ambassador shall be given discretion according to the known wishes of the Sultan to approach any number of these claimants.

Shall be permitted to attend the council of Durholme where possible, and be informed of all diplomatically important decisions made by the head of state or any other member of the council.

Shall be permitted to make enquiries as to the possibility of trade arrangements and changes thereof between Morocco and the realm of Durholme.

Shall be permitted to engage with the political arrangements of Durholme internal and external in order to pursue a better understanding of the realm of Durholme and the decisions made there.

Shall be permitted to assemble and retain a group of local staff to assist with diplomatic duties.

Shall seek to promote cooperation between Morocco and the realm of Durholme, including but not limited to the sharing of knowledge and mutual assistance between the two nations.

Shall obey the dictates of the Durholme Religion With Respect To Law, with no additions, alterations or revisions, as shall any staff working for the Ambassador.

Shall not return to Morocco without express permission of the Sultan or his inner chamber, or as set out in these ambassadorial instructions.

Shall offer support to people of Morocco present within the realm of Durholme at any time.

Shall have permission to contact trusted members of the Sultan’s inner chamber by any means in order to provide reports on the state of Morocco-Durholme relations and other matters of business.

Shall be granted a stipend of 10 schillings per week in addition to finances sufficient to maintain the Ambassador in an appropriate state of dignity, to be paid by the kingdom and sultanate of Morocco directly to the Ambassador.

Shall, in the situation of a state of war arising between Morocco and Durholme, take leave of the head of state of the realm of Durholme and then return if possible to Morocco.

Shall begin talks with the head of state of Durholme regarding the construction of a Moroccan embassy within the city of Durholme.

Shall have leave to interpret these ambassadorial instructions where they may be unclear, or where the meaning has been clarified elsewhere.

These instructions to be received and approved by the head of state of Durholme upon the Ambassador’s arrival.

Dave, Seekerite, Head of the Durholme City Guard, Member of the City Guard, Head of the City guard

Artemis Baker, Sword Brother of Ishmund, Voice of the People, High Councillor


Lord Alandi Osman