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The Guard and Military of Durholme

The Martial Forces of Durholme

25th February 1302

The City Guard


To enforce the laws and protect the citizenry of Durholme. The Guard are also frequently called up to protect the City more generally in times of emergency.

Incumbent Captain of the City Guard: ~ Acting: Halfdan Longmane ~ Played by: Daniel Rand


Durholme’s City Guard are the backbone of the City authority. They enforce the laws for the general populace, carry instructions to the wider city and, perhaps most obviously, are capable of standing guard over buildings and places. Throughout its lengthy existence, the Guard has gone through phases of being highly trained, heavily corrupt, inefficient or deeply loyal to their Captain. The increased literacy standards of Durholme mean the entire Guard is capable of at least basic literacy, and as such they make very capable distributors of information to those last few dregs of the city unable to understand the written word. A reasonable number of the current City Guard are also members of the Royal Army, increasing the training standards of the force, though at the end of the day the people who make up the Guard are law-enforcement officials, not soldiers.

Guard Captains:

  • Jempa (1299 – 18th February 1302)
  • Grey Spider (1299)
  • Malvin (1298-1299)
  • Edward de Farre (1298)
  • William Richardson (?-1298)

The Royal Army of Durholme


The defence of the City and Kingdom of Durholme from outside threats. Affiliated with the Army is a small Navy run by the First Sea-Lord. The Royal Army is too small in number to engage in wars of conquest.


Captain-General: Vacant ~ vacant

First Sea-Lord: Jay Rogers ~ played by: Michael King


Durholme had an army in the relatively distant past, but for a number of years it was guarded only by the efforts of the City guards and the various adventurers who stayed within its walls. The current Royal Army was founded in 1300, in the midst of a general reshuffle of city laws and Council positions, in part as a response to a failed attempt by a former Mercenaries’ Guild leader to use their Guild as a private army. The founder, the then King and first Captain-General, drew most of the initial workforce from the Guard and mercenaries. Since then, the Army has grown in strength and discipline, and its weekly training sessions have bolstered both teamwork and tactics. The Army retains a somewhat Lightite overtone, a remnant of the founder’s faith.

Around the same time as the founding of the Army, a Durholme Navy was also created, run by a First Sea-Lord, who answers to the Captain-General of the Army. The first Durholme Navy was devastated in a sea battle against an undead force in late 1300, but it has slowly recovered its former strength since then.

Captain-Generals of the Royal Army:

  • Heiko van Delft (18th June 1301 – 25th February 1302)
  • Artemis Baker (5th March 1301 – 18th June 1301)
  • Mortimer Cromwell (10th April 1300 – 25th February 1301)

First Sea-Lords of Durholme:

  • Jay Rogers (2ndMarch 1301 – Present)
  • Dmitri Ashridge (7th November 1301 – 20th June 1300)