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Venice-Durholme Trade Accords

Venice-Durholme Trade Accords

Under the auspices of He Who Suffers, by the Grace of the Marquis Claudio di Venetzia, the Bridegroom of She Who is Venice, for the mutual prosperity of both noble cities, the following accord is struck between the Republic of Venice and the City-Nation of Durholme. 

Venice shall dispatch merchants of all manner of premium commodities (including but not limited to: weapons, armour, jewellery, rare metals, potions, instruments, masks and glassware) to the esteemed City of Durholme, and commits to satisfying all trade requests, within the scope of its capabilities.

Durholme grants unrestricted passage to such merchants insofar as they obey the laws of the city, and undertakes not to engage in similar trade agreements with other sovereign entities (including but not limited to: The Kingdom of Hansa, The Hanseatic League, East Hansa Trading Company, independent merchants of Hanseatic descent)

Durholme agrees to permit accredited Venetian demonologists the authority to summon specified demons of up to the fourth circle within its city limits without necessitating individual authorization for each occurrence. (A list can be found in the appendix and may be updated in future with agreement of both parties.)

Durholme shall never outlaw the worship of He Who Suffers (known also as Sordan, He Who Hangs At The Crossroads, He Who Wears A Chain of Thorns, He Who Bleeds)

Durholme shall neither penalise nor outlaw the selling of House Adario’s potions, whether of standard recipe or those brewed with the specialty Adario method. Durholme shall require that Venetian sellers are authorised or licensed both by Venetian and Durholme authorities to ensure quality and authenticity. Additionally, a minimum price of 45 sch for Adario specialty potions will be charged.

This agreement is sealed by the following

Lady Violetta di Adario, She Who Summons, Respected Demonologist of House Adario


King Divine Justice, He Who Is Unhindered, Ruler of the Realm of Durholme

Signed by Giovan the Playwright di Cosacar di Venezia e Durholme, He who Penned the Script, Second to King Divine Justice

[The King’s Seal has been appended here]

Appendix I:

  • He Who Navigates the Rivers of Hard Work
  • She Who Anchors
  • He Who Carries the Burdens
  • They Who Row Against Adversity
  • It Which Bleeds from Callused Hands and Heart