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The Treaty of Durholme & The Shining Nation of Andalucia

The Treaty of Durholme & the Shining Nation of Andalucia

Accord between The Shining Nation of Andalucia and Durholme.

The following General Accord between the nations of Durholme and the Shining Nation of Andalucia cements the long lasting friendship between the two nations. It is clear and evident that their interests are related. The formal support the two nations may ask each other to provide may include (but is not limited to):

  • Trade goods.
  • Military support: practical or financial.
  • Access to knowledge that would be beneficial to each other
  • Mutual protection from threats both supernatural and political

These requests are to be provided unless one nation is unable to provide them by simple invocation of this accord.

In addition to the following requests the following things shall be agreed on:

  • Andalucia will continue to mine the Etherium mine formerly in the operation of Valentina, Queen Consort of Andalucia
  • Any citizen of either nation (who is not a species-traitor) will be allowed without let or hinderance throughout the nation.
  • Free Trade is to exist between the two nations.
  • Andalucia will retain its Embassy in Durholme so that these accords can be speedily invoked

By the command of, She who gazes under the sweet stars of Elbereth, Feels the Great Heat of Kakatal, Brings Peace through Straasha, Maintains status as Grome Wills, Moves at Ariels command and hopes one day to speak from the darkness of Noir.

Mistress of the Perfect Land
Her Effervescent Majesty Queen Leonor

This treaty was agreed to in parts. As of 13th February 1300 the Lord Protector Mortimer Cromwell agreed to the second list of points.