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The City Authorities

The City Authorities

Updated 22nd October 1306

This document records who is believed to be in each of these positions, it may be outdated or incorrect and is not law. Clerks at the Citadel may change, add to or remove from it in good faith without needing the Council or Monarch’s involvement. Please inform the Citadel of any changes, errors, or omissions.

The Monarch

King Tekksh

The City Council

  • The Heads of Major Guilds:
    • Warriors’ (Guildmarshall Petro)
    • Scouts’ (Shining Topaz)
    • Smiths’ (The Rat Queen)
    • Ritualists’ (Magister Sisyphus)
    • Mages’ (Archmage Petro)
    • Alchemists’ (Granny Gwilliquill)
    • Seers’ (Tekksh)
    • Diablerists’ (Giovan)
  • The Vicegerent of the Faithful (Sister Joan of St John)
  • The Captain of the City Guard (Shining Topaz)
  • The Captain – General of the Royal Army (Fultheim)
  • The Admiral of the Fleet of Durholme (Divine Justice)
  • The Voice of the People (elect: Vatra)


Other legally relevant persons