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aster Term OGM 2019:

We are in the process of booking a room for this term’s OGM at some point after exams. While the date and time have yet to be confirmed, please begin to send in motions to Treasure.Trap at gmail: motions must be received more than 1 week before the meeting to allow publication of the agenda, so the earlier the better. Motion discussion in various forums is always welcome but does not count as an official submission: only motions received by the TT email will be added to the agenda, and only in the form in which they were received (linked googledocs will be frozen upon receipt unless an explicit email instruction is later sent to the contrary). Anyone may propose a motion and speak at the meeting, but only current student members may vote.

In addition, there will be elections for the positions of Head Ref and 3YGB Head Ref next year. Candidates should ideally submit a statement of intent to stand to the Treasure.Trap email as per the submission of motions. The order of business will be

– Elections

– Constitutional Motions (if any)

– Non-Constitutional Motions (the real meat of any TT meating. See what I did there? *shot*)

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