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rsenic and Lies:

DUGL (our sister society) have asked us to advertise a one-shot game of theirs called Arsenic and Lies. The following information is from Hazel:

“It is 31 December 1919 and the party at Weatherby Manor is in full swing. The guests exchange furtive whispers of intrigue, blackmail and forbidden love. At midnight, a glass of poisoned champagne shatters, dropped from a dying hand. The family has to find � or frame � the killer before the police start looking too closely into their secrets.”

Arsenic and Lies is a 3-hour LARP that will be running on Tuesday 13th November at 7PM in EH201/202. It is written by Karollina Soltys ( It focuses on the emotions, relationships and secrets of the characters involved: solving the murder might be less important to the characters than pursuing their clandestine affairs, arranging marriages of convenience or blackmailing their enemies. Characters will be generated by workshop on the day so all you need to do is turn up as yourselves going to a party. It runs for up to 10 players so all you need to do is express interest to me and I will put you on the list.

If there is more interest than spaces, I will first separate people based on whether they’ve done a one-shot this year and will then pick by lottery. However, there are about 5 more spaces so this seems unlikely.

DUGL can be contacted at

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