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ive It A Go 2018!:

We are pleased to announce we are running a one-off LARP event based in the DUTT universe again for people to try out the Game in a way geared up for people who have never LARPed before.

We will be providing a number of pre-generated characters to choose from, and regular members of the society will be playing directed player characters (DPCs).

LARP-SAFE weapons will be provided and instruction given on their safe use. The costume will be provided from our extensive wardrobe, organised by Sean, our Wardrobe Officer.

The event will be on Tuesday 9th October in Vane Tempest Hall (Level D, DSU, Dunelm House) from 7pm til 10:30pm.

Any questions about the event can be sent to Vicky, the Social Secretary, using the e-mail address [email protected]. There’s no need to contact us to say you want to take part, just turn up on the night!

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