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Lost at the Crossroads! Give It A Go!

ost at the Crossroads! Give It A Go!:

Hail, fellow travellers!

You were on the journey of your lifetime, travelling across the world by taking a shortcut through the plane of Gateways, bartering your stories for passage to absolutely anywhere. But something strange happened: as you walked through Gateways’ unreal realm, it seemed to shudder. A voice from all around you boomed for you to get out, and a portal opened. Not knowing what else to do, you leapt through. Now you and other travellers find yourselves lost, somewhere unknown… potentially anywhere. With no way to get back to Gateways, can you find out where you are and how to get home? It’s a dangerous world out there… and the dangers may be closing in. Durham University Treasure Trap is the world’s oldest continuously-running live-action roleplay (LARP) society.

Come join us in our fantasy world – meet friendly characters and explore your surroundings, ally with new friends or betray them in the dark, with all clothing, combat-safe weapons, and armour provided by the society!

Give It A Go requires no previous experience at LARP, and is open to anyone. All characters are pre-generated, with something to interest everyone.

Wednesday 24th 7pm in Vane Tempest, Level D, DSU.

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